Is Magento Dead?

Magento is a highly popular eCommerce platform that has been around for years. Version 2 of Magento was released several years after it was announced. This has led some people to suggest that the platform is becoming less popular than it once was. Today, we will look at whether Magento is dead.

Version 2

Version 2 was announced in 2011 but wasn’t released until 2015. This suggests that there was either a problem with development, or there wasn’t sufficient motivation. It’s unclear what the problems were, but when version 2 was finally released the uptake was slower than expected.

This could be because people got tired of waiting, or that many stores didn’t bother upgrading from version 1 to version 2. Learn more about How to Sell Online

Magento is still popular

Magento is still the most commonly used eCommerce platform in the US and Europe. Many sites, even well-known businesses make use of the Magento community and enterprise editions to run and manage their shop.

Improvements in Version 2

Although version 2 was released later than expected, there are many benefits and reasons to upgrade. The most exciting update is that the admin panel has been completely redesigned. It has a much easier to understand user interface which can be navigated by anyone. In Magento 1 everything was quite technical, but this has all been made much simpler. As a result, more store owners should be able to perform tasks themselves without needing to rely on a developer.

Magento 2 has also been optimized so that it’s faster than version 1. The cache has been improved to ensure it doesn’t delay the loading of pages. Stores can now be set up to cache internally, which will reduce database queries and so speed up the site.

Will the Community Edition Disappear?

Some people have suggested that Magento will discontinue the community edition and just continue selling the enterprise edition. This may seem to make sense from a business point of view, but the open source nature of Magento is what attracts people to the platform. Learn more Magento

The community edition also gives Magento the chance to benefit from lots of development, themes, and extensions. Many of which can also be used in the Enterprise edition. With so many people using the community edition it is very unlikely to be discontinued. cheap nhl jerseys It may not directly football shirts wholesale make Magento money, but it does promote the brand.


Magento is just as popular as ever, and it is still the most popular eCommerce platform in most parts of the world.


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