Is Magento Easy to use?

Magento is a very popular and powerful open source eCommerce web application. It can be installed on your own web server and used to create a user-friendly and easy to use online store. This guide will look at just how easy it is to setup and use the application. This should help you decide whether or not it’s the right application for you.

How Easy Is It to Install Magento?

There are two main ways in which you can install Magento onto your web server. If your hosting package allows you access to cPanel, then you can use an automated installer such as Softalicious to install Magento. This takes care of all the steps involved in installing the app, including copying files and setting up the database. If you can use an automated installer, then it’s certainly worth looking into.

If you aren’t able to use an automatic installer you will have to install the app manually. While this is a bit more difficult, it’s possible for anyone to do. Start by visiting the Magento website and downloading the latest community version of the software. Then upload this to your web hosting using an FTP client. You will need to follow the user guide included with the software to set up the database and continue setting up the store. View Magento theme

How Easy Is It to Set up Magento?

Setting up Magento is very straightforward. There are also various guides available on the subject. Simply follow the wizard to customize your store name and set up the currency. Various other changes can then be made through the sites admin panel. Extensions and themes can be added to personalize the store further.

How Easy Is It to Run a Magento Store?

Running a Magento store is very easy. The store will keep track of orders which can then be managed through the admin panel. It’s also possible to create extra logins for other employees. Ecommerce business

How Easy Is It for Customers?

Magento can be used to create some very user-friendly online stores. It’s also possible to streamline navigation by installing extra extensions. Most users will find it simple to browse products listed on the store and then make a purchase. Shop owners can make the purchase process even shorter by installing a One Page Checkout extension, which is certainly worth doing.


Magento is much more powerful and stable than similar eCommerce solutions. If you want to build a trusted and reputable site, then you can’t go wrong with Magento.

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